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Our Clinical Advisory Panel

The Columbia Pacific CCO Clinical Advisory Panel (CAP) is chartered to provide collective leadership from partner organizations for the clinical transformation work that will help Columbia Pacific achieve the Quadruple Aim.

The CAP will ensure Columbia Pacific’s clinical transformation efforts and priorities are strategically aligned with those of its constituent organizations, that these efforts have the active support of clinical and executive champions at the highest organizational level, and that success is increasingly driven by expanding the engagement in change initiatives throughout the delivery system in the CCO service area. 

The CAP is a separate committee of the Columbia Pacific CCO Governance structure, accountable to the CCO Board of Directors.


Clinical Advisory Panel Members:

Roxanna Abbott, DO ‐ Legacy St. Helens  Medical Director
Laurence Colman, MD, MPH ‐ GOBHI,  Chief Medical  Officer
Mary Ann Dearborn, LCSW, CPS ‐ Quality  Improvement,  Tillamook Family  Counseling Center
Dominique Greco, MD ‐ Providence Seaside  Family Physican 
Kevin Heidrick, PA‐C ‐ Yakima  Valley  Farmworkers  Clinic, Chief  Medical Officer
Steven Krager, MD, MPH ‐ Medical Director The Public Health Foundation of Columbia County 
Jamee Meier, RN ‐ Columbia Memoiral  Hospital, Clinical  Director of  Operations
Julie Owens, PharmD, M - Providence  Seaside, Pharmacy  Manager
Miriam Parker, LCSW ‐ Clinic  Coordinator of  Revitalize  Wellness
Bruin Rugge, MD (chair) ‐ OHSU, Director of  Family  Medicine
Joe Skariah, DO, MPH ‐ OHSU  Scappoose,  Medical  Director
Lisa Steffy, DO ‐ TCCHC Medical  Director
Jim Tyack, DMD, FAGD, MAGD ‐ Tyack Dental Group,  Owner President
Denise Weiss, RN ‐ The Rinehart Clinic,  Director of Quality

Major Initiatives:

  • Reducing opiate dependence through better management of chronic pain, along with implementation of consistent prescribing protocols
  • Achieving state-determined improvement targets on 17 different clinical measures for prevention, screenings, chronic conditions and satisfaction
  • Improving the rates of developmental screenings for children from birth to 3 years old, and referral to early intervention services
  • Assuring timeliness and comprehensiveness of prenatal services and screenings for members
  • Integrated care plans between primary and behavioral health clinics for patients with chronic mental illness

Click here to download the CAP charter.

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