Navigating OHP Dental

On January 1, 2014, comprehensive dental benefits began for all Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members. Unfortunately, however, many OHP members do not know they have dental coverage or do not know where they can go for dental care. As medical providers, you are in a great position to encourage your patients to see their dentist at least once every year. But navigating OHP dental benefits and dental plan may be difficult for providers, as well, so we’ve broken down a few of the most frequently asked questions below. We’ve also created a simple cheat sheet with this information that you can download and print.

In Columbia Pacific CCO (CPCCO), members have one of the following four dental plans:

  • Advantage Dental: 1-866-268-9631
  • Capitol Dental Care: 1-800-525-6800
  • ODS: 1-800-342-0526
  • Willamette Dental Group: 1-855-433-6825

Members can find their assigned dental plan on their Columbia Pacific Member ID card (See picture) or by calling Columbia Pacific customer service at 503-488-2822 or 1-855-722-8206.

Where to find your Dental Information

As a provider, there are 3 ways you can find your patients’ dental plan:

If your patient would like to change their dental plan, they can call Columbia Pacific CCO Customer Service at 503-488-2822 or 1-855-722-8206 and request a change. Providers cannot change dental plans for members, but they can assist a member in calling their CCO.

If your patient needs help finding a dentist, they should call their dental plan’s customer service number and ask for assistance. They are happy to help. We do not recommend contacting dental offices directly. If, however, your patient is having a dental emergency (eg. extreme pain/infection, bleeding/swelling, injuries to the teeth/gum), and is having difficulty obtaining emergency care, you can contact the member’s dental plan, indicate the member needs an emergency appointment and describe the severity of the symptoms. Request assistance from a care coordinator or supervisor, if necessary. If you are unable to obtain resolution from the dental plan, call CareOregon Dental Care Coordination at 503-488-2812. Columbia Pacific CCO would like your feedback.  Feel free to share your experience or barriers by calling Columbia Pacific CCO Customer Service at 503-488-2822 or 1-855-722-8206.

RIDECARE also provides Columbia Pacific CCO members transportation assistance for dental appointments. More info is available at

Oral health is critical to overall health. Let’s work together to break down the barriers and help our patients establish and maintain a dental home!

This chart provides a quick overview of OHP dental services and benefits.

Benefits may be subject to prior authorization requirements and frequency limitations.

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