Columbia Pacific CCO Offering of Trainings


Training Topic

What’s Included?


Target Audience


Opioid Overview

A general overview of pain treatment, how to assess a patient’s pain, and when treatment with opioid medications is or is not appropriate.

90 minutes

Prescribers and nurses

Difficult Conversations

Gain competence and confidence in having “compassion-based” difficult conversations.

Learn to stay grounded in difficult conversations by connecting to your values.

90 minutes

Prescribers and medical team


Overdose education and naloxone distribution training reviewing opioid safety, the need for naloxone in the Columbia Pacific region, and how to incorporate naloxone co-prescribing in the clinic setting.

60 minutes

Providers, nurses, and MAs.

Opioid & Benzo Tapering

Review of the best practices and clinical pearls for tapering benzodiazepines and opioid medications. Case-based training.

90 minutes



Instruction on how to sign up for the PDMP as a user, how to connect a delegate account to a user account, and how to pull patient and provider reports.

45 minutes

All clinic staff

Substance Use Disorders

Review of best practices for the treatment of substance use disorders. In development.



Clinical Best Practices

Smoking Cessation

Review of best practices for smoking cessation including pharmacotherapy, behavioral health interventions, and motivational interviewing techniques.

90 minutes

All clinic staff


Review of best practices for diabetes management in primary care. In development.




Review of best practices for hypertension management in primary care. In development.




Trauma Informed Care

Training for all clinic staff regarding the implications of trauma and adverse childhood experiences on health and well-being. Approaches and best practices for organizations to become a trauma informed organization are discussed, as well as tools to screen patients.

4 hours

All clinic staff



Introduction to how to use Tableau to monitor performance including how to pull member lists.

30 minutes

Outreach or quality staff including panel managers, front desk, MAs


Introduction of how to use PreManage for ED follow up, and in-patient transitions.

60 min

Care Coordinator, Panel Coordinator, nurses

Health Plan Reimbursement & Benefits

Pharmacy Benefits

Introduces a standardized workflow for processing PAs that helps avoid unnecessary work, set up with web links for useful resources to help them pick covered meds and successfully submit PAs. Clinic level PA data included with training.


30-60 minutes

Providers (30 mins) and staff working with PAs (60 mins)


Introduction to Connect: checking eligibility, pulling member rosters, claims Remittance Advice, reviewing denied claims, provider manual info, etc.

60 Minutes

All Clinic Staff


How to submit a prior-authorization request online. How to use MMIS, our CPT code grid, and our authorization guidelines effectively together.

60 Minutes

Referral Coordinators, office managers & others?

Claims Submissions

Detailed overview of provider manual claims information. How to submit a paper authorization. How to fill out a HCFA (cheat sheet). Where to find our EDI info. Review Timely Filing rules.

60 Minutes

Billing Office Staff, office managers, others?

CCO vs OHP (Open Card) Benefits

Review our current benefits and any alternative benefits. Review above the line and below the line treatment. Advise of NEMT and interpreter services

60 Minutes

All Clinic Staff


Motivational Interviewing MEDS Ed

Our Pharmacy team is pleased to host MEDS Ed, an ongoing education series for health care professionals who are involved in direct patient care at community clinics.


These 3-hour sessions examine disease states that highly impact patient quality of life, require complex management, and may lead to increased emergency department visits and inpatient stays.

3-4 hours


Pain Management MEDS Ed

3-4 hours


Depression MEDS Ed

3-4 hours


Diabetes MEDS Ed

3-4 hours



3-4 hours


Heart Failure MEDS Ed

3-4 hours




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