Community Wellness Investment Fund

All of us at Columbia Pacific CCO care about the health of our communities. That’s why we developed the Community Health Improvement Plan, which identified three priority areas for influencing the health of individuals and the overall community:

  • Obesity
  • Mental health
  • Substance abuse

We’d like to encourage local organizations in their efforts to work on these three priorities. To do that, we created a grant program called the Community Wellness Improvement Fund. Our goal is to support innovative, collaborative and transformative projects that can impact these serious needs.

We invite applicants from within our service area who are working to improve the health of our communities in new ways--ways that take a different approach to these large and longstanding challenges. We’re particularly interested in projects that serve individuals where they live, including those living outside cities and major towns in Columbia, Clatsop and Tillamook counties.

Proposal guidelines

Proposals must be complete.

Grants are available at three specific levels. Based on the degree of additional financial support the applicant can demonstrate, grants will be given up to 15,000. New to this year’s grant process is potential two year funding. No organization will receive support as the lead for more than one project.

We’ll put greater emphasis on projects that are collaborative, sustainable and integrative across the spectrum of health interventions, including social determinants of health.

We’ll look at how the project intends to show sustainability over time, and how well it leverages existing community resources.

We look forward to your application. Proposals may be submitted any time before our two 2017 review dates: May 1 and Oct. 1.

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