Behavioral Health Resources

If the name Columbia Pacific Coordinated Care Organization appears on the Coverage Letter that you received from the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), then you are eligible for behavioral health services. 

Crisis services are available in all counties

Columbia County
Columbia Community Mental Health, 503-782-4499 or TTY 711 anytime.

Clatsop County
Clatsop Behavioral Health, 503-325-5724
Tillamook County
Tillamook Family Counseling Center, 503-842-8201 ext. 294

You can also call 911 if you are in crisis.

Important: You do not need to get approval from us to call the crisis line or get emergency services. 
You can use those services at any time you feel you are having an emergency.

To find a behavioral health provider, please use our provider search tool, or you can always call Customer Service toll-free at 855-722-8206 and we will be happy to assist you.

You can be tobacco-free

Nearly all tobacco users want to quit. We know it’s not easy. That’s why we provide help that is proven to help many on this journey.

Your life will be better in so many ways:

  • Feel healthier and stronger; cough less.
  • Free up money and time for other activities.
  • Encourage your kids not to start smoking.
  • Keep those around you healthier -- including your unborn baby if you are pregnant.
  • You have your own reasons. When you’re ready, we are here to help.

Succeed with coaching and support

Whenever you are ready, you can talk to a coach about becoming tobacco-free. We cover telephone counseling, like the Oregon Tobacco Quit Line

There’s no judging, no pressure to quit – just people who care and want to help you. Friendly staff share real-life tips and advice about what works. You can also connect with others walking the same path. Andy the best part is, people who use a telephone counseling program like this have more success.

Want to talk? Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW. You can also visit

Medical therapy helps many

Overcoming cravings is a big concern for people who want to stop smoking. These methods help curb cravings. We cover them at no cost to members.

  • Nicotine replacement – In the form of patches, gum, inhaler or spray – slowly reduce the dose so you don’t go cold turkey.
  • Medications – buproprion and Chantix help fight cravings and help people feel calmer as nicotine is reduced.

Together, these can ease your way to being tobacco free. Interested? Talk to the staff at your clinic to learn more about medical help to be tobacco-free.

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