To arrange a ride, call toll-free: 1-888-793-0439

Do you need help with transportation to your health care appointments?

Transportation services are a covered Medicaid benefit for Columbia Pacific CCO members through our partner, RIDECARE. There is no cost. Please read the frequently asked questions below, and give RIDECARE a call!

When can I schedule a ride?

Up to two (2) days in advance. If you think you need help getting to your appointments, please call RIDECARE two (2) business days before your appointment. The staff will ask you some questions about your health history and be happy to explain what types of services you can get that fit your needs.

Call Center hours

8 a.m. – 5 p.m., closed from 12-1 for lunch
Voice: 503-861-0657
Toll-free: 1-888-793-0439
TTY: 7-1-1 (Oregon Relay)

The Call Center is closed on New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
Do not leave ride requests with detailed ride information on voicemail, as they will not be honored.

Service hours

RIDECARE services are provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To arrange after hours or weekend transportation be sure to call as far ahead as possible during normal business hours to schedule your rides.

Am I eligible?

Yes, if you are a current member of Columbia Pacific CCO. RIDECARE will verify your eligibility prior to providing services. Transportation services are to be used when you have no other options available, such as public transportation or a friend or family member to drive you.

Can my children or family ride with me?

No. Transportation services are covered only for the Columbia Pacific CCO member who has the appointment, with one exception. If you need assistance during your ride, a personal care attendant, such as a nurse or aide, can ride with you at no charge.

Where can I go?

You may schedule transportation to and from any covered health service, including:

  • Primary care visits
  • Specialist office visits
  • Physical therapy
  • Dental care visits
  • Mental health services
  • Dialysis
  • and/or other health services covered by Columbia Pacific CCO

What kind of transportation am I eligible for?

We will arrange the lowest cost option that meets your individual needs.
Available services may include:

  • Bus fare for your local area
  • Mileage reimbursement (pre-approved)
  • Wheelchair Lift/Ramp Van
  • Sedan/Taxi
  • Stretcher Car (for those who need to be transported lying down)
  • Secured Transport - professional transport for those in mental health crisis

What information do I need to have ready when I call?

  • Your Columbia Pacific CCO ID number
  • Your home address and phone number
  • Your mailing address
  • Your complete pick up address and phone number
  • Your complete appointment address, including building name and suite number
  • Appointment date and time
  • Name and telephone number of your medical provider
  • Reason for appointment
  • If you need a wheelchair or other assistance

What if my plans change or I need to cancel my ride?

When you need to cancel a ride or change your appointment time, you must call RIDECARE at least two (2) hours before your ride is scheduled to pick you up, or as soon as possible.

You can call to cancel rides Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. RIDECARE has 24 hour voicemail, so you can leave your cancellation and they will get to it first thing in the morning.

Is there a number to call after business hours?

If you need to reach RIDECARE after hours, please call the Call Center at the numbers above. You can leave a voice message stating your need for a ride and someone will call you back to get your information.

Do not leave ride requests with detailed ride information on voicemail, as they will not be honored.

What happens if I don't show up for my ride?

When you are not ready at your pickup time, and have not canceled the ride at least 2 hours in advance of the scheduled time, the ride is considered a No-Show.

Continual No-Shows may result in a specific transportation provider refusing to continue providing service, since transportation providers do not get paid for No-Show rides. Because of the limited number of transportation providers under contract with RIDECARE, you must make every reasonable effort to avoid No-Shows and cancel unnecessary rides appropriately.

Failure to cancel in a timely manner may limit available transportation resources, placing undue burdens on RIDECARE and making transportation more difficult for all our clients.

What else do I need to know?

  • You should be ready 15 minutes before your scheduled pickup time. Transportation providers should arrive within 15 minutes after the scheduled pickup time. If the driver is late, call 503-861-0657 or toll-free, 1-888-793-0439.
  • Bus passes should be requested at least one week before your appointment to allow time for mailing.
  • For urgent needs after business hours, you can still contact Customer Service.
  • RIDECARE'S website also has more information if you need it, including bus routes.

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