Quality update – October 2019

As you’ve heard us say in several CPCCO meetings recently, now is the time to start our end of year pushes related to the quality metrics!  There are many efforts in place, and we are thankful for the dedication and focus from our network partners in these efforts.

Member Mailings – CPCCO will be mailing members with a reminder to receive necessary services and earn the $25 incentive before the end of the year. Incentive request forms were mailed directly to members and if they forget to bring the paper form with them to a visit, please use the universal incentive form available online.

  • Adolescent Well Care (AWC) – by Oct. 4, letters will be sent to 2,655 members in the gap for AWC
    • Consider opening schedules on school in-service days on which youth would have the day off from school and be more available for an AWC visit.
  • Childhood Immunizations – in mid-September, CPCCO mailed a letter to the parents/guardians of 45 children whose 2nd birthday is remaining in the year and need four or fewer immunizations.
    • As a reminder, only immunizations received before their 2nd birthday count toward the metric so please schedule immunization visits in advance of their upcoming birthdays.

Member Gap List for Childhood Immunization Status – member gap list were emailed to clinics this month which include members whose 2nd birthday is coming up in the four remaining months of the year. The request with this list is to confirm needed immunizations for each child in ALERT and then schedule the needed immunization to be completed before the child’s 2nd birthday. Some clinics have found it helpful to prioritize outreach to children who need the fewest “pokes” considering their needed immunizations and which can be given in combination vaccines.

Claims Addendums for Effective Contraceptive Use (ECU) and Adolescent Well Care– member gap lists were emailed to clinics this month that include members in the gap for AWC or ECU who have had a primary care visit in 2019. The request with these lists is to, over the next month, review chart notes from any visit these members have had this year and capture missed contraception surveillance or AWC codes if appropriate documentation exists in the charts. Please email canales@careoregon.org is you have any questions about this process or the requirements for ECU or AWC.

FIT Kits for Colorectal Cancer Screening – Several clinics have bulk FIT Kit mailing that are either mailing soon or were just recently mailed! Consider phone call follow-up over the next few months to encourage members to complete the screening before the end of the year.

2019 Quality Pool PayoutThe allocation method for distributing quality pool funds will be changing for the 2019 measurement year (payout in July 2020) to more closely align with the OHA’s distribution methodology for CCOs and further incentivize meeting metric targets. For 2019, the majority of the funds will be allocated based on relative numerator contribution as in previous years; and 20 percent will be allocated among clinics who meet the improvement target for each metric. Funds not allocated from this portion (i.e., left by clinics who do not meet the target) will be allocated to a Challenge Pool and distributed among clinics who meet improvement targets on the four Challenge Pool measures:

  • Adolescent Well Care
  • Effective Contraceptive Use
  • Diabetes Poor Control
  • Controlling High Blood Pressure


Please email Emileigh Canales (canalese@careoregon.org) if you have any questions about metric performance of if we can offer any additional support in your year-end pushes. Thank you for your continued support in providing and demonstrating top quality care for CPCCO members!

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