Community partnership reflection of 2019: In gratitude

by Nancy Knopf

I write the following thinking of gratitude and thanks to the over 1,900 individuals who participated in our work of supporting health care system improvements and community engagement over the last two years. We thank everyone who has worked with CPCCO to develop, plan and begin implement the Regional Health Improvement Plan which will support the work of creating a system of care for the most vulnerable to access and utilize services that support their needs.

CPCCO has an amazing group of community partners and health plan members who volunteer their time to participate in our Community Advisory Councils, the Clinical Advisory Panel and our Board of Directors. Regarding Community Advisory Councils, there are three local councils and a regional council comprised of the Chair and Co-Chair of each Local Council.  Over half of council members are representatives of our health plan, meaning they themselves are on the health plan or they have an immediate family member who is on the plan.  The rest of the membership are representatives of the social safety net providers, community-based organizations, and representatives of government.  CPCCO is very committed to supporting community engagement in the work of the CCO, including elevating our health plan member voices to the decision-making table as health care system leaders work on meeting the goals of the Quadruple Aim. 

In 2019, CPCCO finalized a five-year regional strategic plan. Done in partnership with hospitals, public health departments, community behavioral health providers and social safety net providers our Community Advisory Council Members played a key role in overseeing the health needs assessment and adopting the regional health improvement plan that serves as a strategic population health and health care system service plan for the communities served by CPCCO.  As part of their work of making the final recommendations for the eight priority areas of the regional health improvement plan, advisory council members reviewed population health, social determinants of health data, and results of our survey (qualitative and quantitative) that gave information regarding the needs, concerns, and vision of the future of survey participates related to their health and well being.  The Regional Health Improvement Plan is available here.

I am looking back at the work of implementing the regional health improvement plan and am looking forward to the next five years with sincere gratitude and in the spirit of our shared vision for a region where health and well-being abound, for everyone. 

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