Upcoming Formulary Changes

By Melissa Brewster, PharmD, BCPS

Below is a summary of the recently voted on changes to the CareOregon OHP and Medicare Advantage formularies. These changes will go into effect on October 1, 2016.

 OHP Formulary Changes:

  • Removed PA from Narcan Nasal Spray
    • Please consider co-prescribing Nasal Narcan for anyone at risk of opioid overdose or patients who are on chronic opioids at a dose of 50 MED or greater
    • Patients should receive 2 doses (or 1 box of Nasal Narcan) per fill. Patients can fill a naloxone prescription once every 180 days, additional fills will require a PA
  • Added Noxafil with PA
  • Updated Lyrica PA criteria
    • Lyrica will only be allowed for use for FDA-approved indications only.
    • Patients must try and fail gabapentin, a tricyclic, AND an SNRI prior to approval of Lyrica for one of these indications.

OHP and CareOregon Advantage (Medicare) Formulary Changes:

  • Epclusa (sofosbuvir/velpatasvir) 400mg/100mg tablets
    • Added with PA
    • Epclusa for 12 weeks has become the new preferred agents for hepatitis C genotypes 2-6
    • Zepatier remains the preferred agent for genotype 1, with Epclusa the second line option if Zepatier is not appropriate

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