Maternal and Child Health Resources

When you’re pregnant, you have a lot on your mind. As a Columbia Pacific CCO member, one thing you don’t have to worry about is medical care. We want you to take care of yourself. That’s the best way to take care of your baby, too. Columbia Pacific has you both covered.

During your pregnancy, you’re fully covered! This includes physical health, mental health, dental care, prenatal vitamins, vaccines, quitting tobacco and more.

Here’s some information about how to keep you and your baby healthy and safe now and after your baby arrives. For medical questions, your primary care provider or pregnancy provider is your best source of information.


Baby bassinets/new parent kits

To promote safe sleep, Columbia Pacific provides baby box bassinets and new parent kits for all newborns in our network. If you’re interested, contact to have one sent to you.


What is a baby box bassinet?

These portable baby beds are designed by child safety experts to meet all pediatrician recommendations and bassinet standards. They create a safe place to sleep for your newborn.


What is the new parent kit?

To help with your newborn, we’ve put together some essentials. Our new parent kits include:

  • A diaper bag with changing pad
  • A safe sleep children’s book, Goodnight Charlie
  • Infant toothbrush
  • Infant beanie
  • Two onesies
  • Sleep sack
  • Healthy bedtime routine brochure

Other safe sleep tips

Below are some safe sleep tips from the National Institutes of Health:

  • Put your baby on their back to sleep — every time.
  • Use a safe sleep surface, like a Smitten, for every sleep time.
  • Don't let your baby sleep on soft surfaces (like an adult bed, sofa or couch).
  • Share a room, but not a bed, with baby. This keeps you from accidentally smothering your baby.
  • Keep pillows, blankets, toys and crib bumpers out of your baby’s sleep area.
  • Don't smoke, or let others smoke, around your baby.
  • Dress your baby in sleep clothing — like footie pajamas or wearable blankets — rather than a loose blanket.
  • Breastfeed, if the parent is able.
  • Offer a pacifier. Studies have shown that giving your baby a pacifier at night greatly reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).


Dental resources

Dental health care is a covered benefit. Seeing a dentist for teeth and gum health is safe during pregnancy. It is also important to your baby’s health. Columbia Pacific covers your dental care, and we can also help you find a dentist.

View our Two Bright Smiles brochure to learn more: English | Spanish

Doula resources

Doulas are a covered benefit.

Doulas are trained birth companions. They provide personal support to parents and families during pregnancy, delivery and beyond. Their services are covered by the Oregon Health Plan. They are not medical providers but can work with your health team. Doulas are trained in emotional, physical and educational support during the birth experience.  A doula can be your advocate and connect you to local health resources, if needed.

A doula can improve birth outcomes and infant health, strengthen families and establish supports to ensure ongoing family success. Oregon-registered doulas have completed certified training and background checks.


Parenting resources

Community Action Team:

Community Action Team operates in Tillamook, Columbia and Clatsop counties. They offer three major programs for children and families:

  • Head Start: Comprehensive preschool for families with limited resources.
  • Healthy Families: Home visiting program that provides:
    • Child development, prenatal and parenting information.
    • Tips on taking care of your infant.
    • Referrals to community groups.
    • Information on how to keep your baby and family safe.
  • Parent Education and Support Programs: Provides a variety of parenting training and parental support for residents.

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