Rinehart Clinic awarded more than $100,000 in funding for meeting patient health incentive goals

Wheeler, OR [January 19, 2017]:  The Rinehart Clinic received over $102,000 in funding earlier this month from the Columbia Pacific Coordinated Care Organization as a reward for meeting goals aimed at improving patient health care during 2016. The funding is more than three times the amount the clinic received last year.

The increase in funding is due to the Rinehart Clinic’s improved performance focused on patient-centered care by the clinic’s team of health care professionals, including improving workflows and increasing available resources to patients. The team includes a physician, a family nurse practitioner, registered nurses, a licensed clinical social worker, a clinical pharmacist, a drug and alcohol counselor, medical assistants, a panel manager who coordinates clinical care for all patients, and a director of quality who monitors and works to improve health outcomes for the clinic’s patients.

The payment was calculated based on overall improvements, including the clinic’s performance on measures such as substance use screening and intervention, well-child visits, colorectal cancer screenings, controlling high blood pressure, managing diabetes, depression screenings, and a reduction in unnecessary patient emergency room visits.

The incentive funding will be funneled right back into continued improvements in the quality and access of patient care at the Rinehart Clinic and to enhance patient engagement programs.

The Rinehart Clinic’s improved performance throughout the last year helped the Columbia Pacific Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) meet incentive metrics laid out for 2016 and triggered full payout from the Oregon Health Authority’s Quality Pool. The $102,000+ check represents the clinic’s portion of the total pool of financial resources available from the Oregon Health Authority’s Quality Pool for Columbia Pacific CCO partners.

About the Rinehart Clinic:  The Rinehart Clinic is a Federally Qualified Health Center located in north Tillamook County that provides high-quality, complete, personalized medical care for residents and visitors, regardless of their health conditions or financial circumstances.

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