Columbia Pacific CCO awards grants nine area organizations addressing community needs

Astoria, Ore.—Columbia Pacific Coordinated Care Organization has included six Clatsop County organizations among of its spring 2017 Community Wellness Investment Fund (CWIF) grants. The organizations address a range of community issues, from food insecurity to substance abuse and suicide prevention.

Columbia Pacific is the nonprofit Coordinated Care Organization that provides health care services to Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) members in Tillamook, Clatsop and Columbia counties.

"As a CCO, our objectives is to keep our members well, as well as, provide members with access to care when they are sick or injured, but also to go outside the clinics and hospitals and into the communities to promote healthier communities and individual well-being," said Mimi Haley, executive director, Columbia Pacific CCO.

The CCO this year awarded its CWIF grants to programs that support improved access to health opportunities at the community level for those who are low income or live in poverty, and to meet the population health goals of the Community Health Improvement Plan in a way that is participatory and educational.

Applicants had to show how the organizations will work collaboratively, how the program will be sustained beyond the grant, and demonstrate partnership with Columbia Pacific’s county-level Community Advisory Councils (CACs).

The applications were reviewed by the CACs and their recommendations were passed on to Columbia Pacific’s Regional Advisory Council, which made the final recommendations for funding.

The programs awarded were:

  • CASA Volunteer Training and Supervision, Clatsop CASA Program, Clatsop County, $15,000 per year for two years.
  • Food Bank Fresh Initiatives, Clatsop Community Action, Clatsop County, $15,000 for one year.
  • Community Education on Substance Misuse and the Opioid Epidemic, Jordan’s Hope for Recovery, Clatsop County, $15,000 per year for two years.
  • Suicide Prevention and Intervention Training, Knappa High School, Clatsop County, $10,210 per year for two years.
  • Oregon mORe Campaign to Prevent Underage Drinking, North Coast Prevention Works, Clatsop County, $15,000 for one year.
  • Clatsop Kids Go, Connect the Dots, Way to Wellville, Clatsop County, $15,000 per year for two years.
  • Food Roots Farm to School Program, Tillamook County, $15,000 per year for two years.
  • Refrigerated Truck, Columbia Pacific Food Bank, Columbia County, $15,000 for one year.
  • Part-time Medical Examiner, Columbia County Child Abuse Assessment, Amani Center, Columbia County, $15,000 per year for two years.

“This is a very good group of organizations that we have the privilege of working with,” Haley said. “And we’re eager to see these projects move forward toward our shared objectives.”

Community Wellness Investment Fund grant proposals are accepted at any time throughout the year, and are reviewed in May or October. Proposals funded in 2017 will receive one or two years of funding with annual reports due to Columbia Pacific CCO. See for the application and instructions.

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