CAC's at work

In Clatsop County, the CAC is following up on the recent Substance Use and Opioid Summit. Last week, the founder of Jordan’s Hope, Kerry Strickland, talked about how to administer Naloxone for a drug overdose and gave an update on the needle exchange program in Clatsop County. In June, they plan to host a conversation on community services available for substance use disorder and inpatient treatment options. 

In Columbia County, the CAC is focusing on suicide prevention. They learned that while suicide is a problem throughout Oregon, the incidence rates are higher than state average in Columbia County (read more – The Public Health Foundation in Columbia County has formed a Suicide Prevention Taskforce and they are now gathering information about this issue.

In Tillamook County, the CAC is learning more about access to health care and what is happening to increase it.  They reviewed emergency room utilization metrics and discussed ways to help people learn how to seek care in the most appropriate setting. They discussed gaps in the community and are looking for additional resources, including community health workers.

They are also focusing on suicide prevention. They learned that suicide rates are high throughout Oregon, but even higher in Tillamook County (read more –

The advisory council will also sponsor a screening of the documentary “Resilience” in June to support a communitywide conversation about increasing health care alternatives to the emergency room.  

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