Community Advisory Councils at work: Developing our Regional Health Improvement Plan

Columbia Pacific CCO’s Regional Community Advisory Council (RCAC) met this spring to develop recommendations for Columbia Pacific’s 2020-2024 Community Health Improvement Plan. The RAC reviewed the results of Columbia Pacific’s Community Health Assessment, including results from the 1,200 stories collected from the community survey and the corresponding feedback received from a series of 13 community presentations on the health assessment. The RCAC came up with the following priority areas for the Community Health Improvement Plan:

CPCCO and their Partners will:   

  1. Support the trauma informed care/perspective across all sectors:People will be treated fairly and kindly when accessing services, will know and have access to resources that are readily available in multiple formats and languages, and will have opportunities to engage in resilience-building across communities.
  2. Increase access to quality behavioral health services: both prevention and intervention with a focus on preventing drug/alcohol abuse and tobacco use and preventing suicide.
  3. Support housing for members, with a focus on preventing or reducing homelessness, improving housing safety and health related services.
  4. Increase access to an “ecosystem” of community-based activities to decrease social isolation and increase connectedness, through improving transportation and health related services that are community based.
  5. Improve nutrition through increased access to healthy food
  6. Increase access to, and the number of providers of dental services
  7. Increase access, coverage, and create capacity for vision services
  8. Increase access to early childhood supports for children and parents


Columbia Pacific is currently working with regional public health departments, hospitals and mental health, to develop a shared health improvement plan as well as refining goals and objectives around these priority areas.

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