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NW Rides meal delivery

Jan 1, 2021, 08:00 AM

During this pandemic, we’ve all felt the effects on our communities and members. It was quickly apparent that members needed access to food. In collaboration with CareOregon and local food banks, NW Rides worked to ensure members received food. Using non-emergent medical transportation (NEMT) providers, we quickly formed a network of delivery drivers ready to respond. Tillamook County Transportation District provided drivers to deliver truckloads of food to local food pantries, and Sunset Empire Transit District delivered 189 food bank meal boxes to members and their families between April and November. As we look toward the future, we embrace opportunities to support our communities and members in meaningful ways.

The Tillamook team delivering food to pantries:

Image of five people, the Tillamook team, standing in front of a large box truck with the text

The Sunset team delivering food boxes to families:

Image of food boxes containing celery, oranges and other fruits and veggies, stacked in front of a white van, delivered by the sunset team



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