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Dental sealants

A quick, easy way to protect your child’s teeth

More than one in five school-age children has an untreated cavity. By school age, kids start getting permanent molars, which are the back teeth used for chewing. Molars have grooves on the biting surface where bacteria can escape regular brushing. Bacteria and acids in the grooves lead to cavities. Columbia Pacific CCO wants to help your children have good oral health, which is why we cover dental sealants.

Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings put on the back teeth to seal out germs and prevent cavities. Sealants should be applied as soon as children get their permanent back teeth (molars). All molars should have dental sealants. Kids need their first molars sealed between age 6 and 9 and second molars sealed between 10 and 14. A dental care professional applies a thin, clear coating over the molars. It’s quick — about 20 minutes — and painless. Sealants keep out cavity-producing bacteria for several years.

Columbia Pacific covers dental sealants for children up to age 16. Children may also be able to get help at schools that offer free dental screenings and sealants. Some schools will send home a permission slip that parents must sign to get this treatment.

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