Service alert: Impacts to Non-Emergent Medical Transportation Services in Clatsop County.

Welcome to Columbia Pacific CCO

We are a nonprofit, local Coordinated Care Organization for Oregon Health Plan members, committed to making it easier for you to get the care you need.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Coordinated medical, dental and mental health care, including alcohol and addiction treatment (no doctor referral needed)
  • Transportation to medical appointments and pharmacy delivery
  • Intensive coordinated care for our members with the greatest needs
  • Complete pregnancy care including prenatal checkups, medication and vitamins, delivery, and well-child care
  • Preventive care and help to manage chronic disease so you stay healthier
  • Close coordination with you, your providers and your community to make sure you feel comfortable, safe and cared for
We invite you to browse our site or click on a link to learn more about:

CCOs: Frequently Asked Questions

As a part of the Affordable Care Act, CCOs are a new way to coordinate health care for Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) members in their communities. It’s more than just physical health care; it also includes mental health care, dental care, and alcohol and drug dependence.

Columbia Pacific CCO covers members in Columbia, Clatsop and Tillamook counties.

CCOs work closely with members, health providers and the community. Together, they work to improve the overall health of the community, give patients better care, and find ways to deliver care more efficiently.

CCOs, like Columbia Pacific CCO, focus on preventing disease and helping people manage chronic health issues (like asthma and diabetes). Instead of treating members only when they get sick, CCOs work with members to keep them healthy.

CCOs directly benefit Oregon Health Plan members and their families, local care providers and hospitals. But in reality, they benefit everyone in the community, because the CCOs identify key health issues for the whole area. Then, they work with local partners to improve health for all.

In the old system, Oregon Health Plan members might have had three separate plans for their physical, mental and dental care. Providers for physical, mental and dental health were separate – so they weren’t coordinating care. Now, providers are working together in much more efficient ways to improve the care of each and every member.

Here are some online resources for more information.

You can also call us toll-free at 1-855-722-8206. Information is available in other languages or formats, such as large print, Braille, audio recordings, web-based communications or other electronic formats.