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Contracted Interpretation Vendors Change June 2022

May 1, 2022, 07:00 AM

 contracts with the following interpretation agencies as of May 2022:

1.    Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization (IRCO)

2.    Linguava

3.    (NEW!) National Interpreting Service

4.    (NEW!) Oregon Certified Interpreter Network

Please note that the CareOregon contract with Passport to Languages expires June 30th, 2022; CareOregon will pay for CareOregon member appointments that were previously scheduled through September 30th, 2022 to help reduce any access issues. All CareOregon providers will need to select one of the above vendors to start working with no later than July 1, 2022. Please remember that CareOregon pays only for interpreting services that providers coordinate through our approved vendors.

In addition, while interpreting services can be scheduled with short notice, to ensure coverage, please schedule as soon as a member makes an appointment. CareOregon recommends providers verify that each patient is covered by the Oregon Health Plan both at the time of scheduling, and at the time of the appointment.

If your organization currently serves members who have requested American Sign Language (ASL) for interpretation, we now contract with National Interpreting Service to better meet quality and access needs for these members.

Our goal is to help you and our members get the interpreting services that meet your needs. We’ve included examples of resources you may find useful. Information on printing or requesting these resources can be found online via

·      1-pager on  “How to schedule no-cost interpreting.” which summarizes our interpreting service options and how to schedule with vendors.

·      Language Identification Handout:  A handout your staff can use with members to identify their preferred language and need for an interpreter to be contacted in 15 languages

·      A Language Access Poster you can place on your clinic wall that informs members that interpretation is free and their right: 11x17 | 12x23 (sandwich board size)

·      “I speak” cards: The cards can be easily carried and used to help individuals request interpretation services whenever they need them: OHA “I speak” cards

If you have questions, please contact Provider Customer Service at 800-224-4840, option 3.