Columbia Pacific member Kirstin Lauman

Overcoming Obstacles, Big and Small

Columbia Pacific CCO member Kirstin Lauman is a college student, wife to Scott, mother to Aurora, and is looking forward to a new little one later this year.Columbia Pacific member Kirstin Lauman

“Without family, you don’t really have a sense of well-being and who you are,” she says.

But when life’s twists and turns throw up obstacles, a community health plan, one like Columbia Pacific CCO that cares for you as the person you are, can help.

Kirstin knows all about that.

At just a year old, she was in an accident involving a logging truck. Head trauma and other injuries left her in a coma for months. Her mother was warned that if Kirstin pulled through, she’d spend the rest of her life unable to move on her own, care for herself or communicate.

But she did survive, worked though years of therapy and now she studies to be able to help others.

“I am who I am because of my experiences,” she says. “If you regret your past, if you take away things from your past, you wouldn't be who you are today.”

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